Christina Cupertino

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Early identification of gifted children: the Brazilian results
Christina Cupertino

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This research is part of an international investigation, coordinated by the Ministry of Education of Spain and Centro Huerta del Rey. Developed in Brazil by Project Objetivo for Fostering Talent - POIT, it was aimed to verify the possibilty of using, with Brazilian children, an inventory for the early identification of 4 to 6 year old gifted children. The results show that the inventory cannot be used, as it is, with Brazilian children, because of cultural differences between the Spanish and the Brazilian population. Some questions must be modified in order to respect these cultural differences.

Early identification of gifted children: the Brazilian results.
Proceedings of the 14 Biennial Conference of the World Council for Gifted ant Talented Children.
The world of information: opportunities and challenges for the gifted and talented, Valladolid, 2003, pp 64-8. - 2009 | website desenvolvido por