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Creativity development workshops
Christina Cupertino

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G ood educators must know their prejudices and personal values, accepting cultural and personal differences, particularly when dealing with special populations. Teachers’ education lacks activities directed to the acquisition of self-knowledge, achieved through “Creativity Workshops” together with the capacity to accept and promote transformation, either internally or in the environment. In the workshops, groups work with art in weekly meetings, experiencing and discussing different ways of being and relating to others. Activities focus on developing self-esteem, self-knowledge and knowledge of others. The presentation describes the structure of the workshops and shows examples of the work and comments of the participants.
Creativity development workshops.
Presented in the symposium "Measurement instruments and strategies for the study and development of creativity", coordinated by Professor Eunice Soriano de Alencar, at the 16th Biennial Conference of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, 2005. - 2009 | website desenvolvido por